Revision 001: March 7, 2024

This is the privacy policy and terms of use (“Policy”) for (“our website”), the website of McGee Therapy & Consulting Inc. (“McGee Therapy”) which is based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

McGee Therapy respects the privacy of our website users, and we are committed to keeping your personal data and information safe and secure. Below we set out ways that our website provides information; and ways we collect, use, and protect your data. These include:

  • how information on our website may be used
  • terms of service
  • how we collect and use your personal data
  • how we protect your personal data
  • how we may contact you
  • cookies and related technologies

Personal data is information about you that can identify you. This can include information such as your name, email, mailing address, phone number, information about your device (e.g. the IP address) and the country, region or city where you are based. This information can also be collected with information about how you use and interact with our site.

PLEASE READ THIS POLICY CAREFULLY. By using our website, regardless of whether you have read the Policy, you consent to the terms of the Policy and our use of your personal information or data for purposes that are set out in the Policy. If you disagree, please do not use our website.
We reserve the right to change the Policy at any time for any reason without prior notice. However, the current Policy will always be posted on this page with the date of the latest revision.

Terms of Service

Use of our website and its content does not represent a therapist-client relationship. Further, any information you find or use on our website should not be treated as therapy, counselling, or professional advice.

External Links

Parts of our website contain links to external websites that are not part of McGee Therapy. Links or references to third-party websites are for informational purposes only and should not be seen as a recommendation or advice. These sites have their own privacy policies. If you follow a link to these external sites, you should read the privacy policy shown on their site and determine on your own whether to use any of the information or services that are provided by the third-party website.

Data we collect

We collect your personal data when you visit our website and when you interact with us. We will only collect your personal data in line with applicable laws. We collect your personal data in these ways:

  • when you browse our site
  • when you submit a contact form
  • when you use an email link on our site to email us

When you use our site, we may also use cookies or similar technology to collect other data including:

  • your IP address (a numerical code to identify your device, together with the country, region or city where your device is based)
  • your geolocation data (your IP address can be used to find information about the latitude, longitude, altitude of your device and its direction of travel; your GPS data; and data about connections with local WiFi equipment)
  • information on how you interact with our services
  • your browsing history of the content you have visited on our site, including how you were referred to our site via other websites
  • details of your computer, mobile device, tablet, television or other kinds of devices you may use (for example: the unique device ID, unique vendor or advertising ID and browsers used to access our content)

We will not collect special categories of data from you (this includes personal data concerning your race, political opinions, religion, health or sexual orientation)

How we use your personal data

We use your data to:

  • analyze content that has been viewed on our site so we can understand how it is used and improve our content
  • improve our website and monitor its usage
  • respond to queries and referrals submitted using our online form or email link
  • How long we retain your personal data

We will only retain your personal information for as long as needed to fulfill the purposes we collected it for, including for purposes to satisfy any professional, legal, accounting, or reporting requirements. Exceptions may be made where permitted or required by applicable law or regulation, or when data is anonymized (see “Anonymized data” below).

Security of your personal data

We have implemented technical and organizational controls to protect your personal data.

Unfortunately, sending information across the internet, including personal data, is not completely secure. We cannot guarantee the security of any personal data sent to our site while still in transit and so you provide it at your own risk. Despite this, the information you send to us with our online form provides your information the most protection because it uses end-to-end encryption--from your sending it to our receiving it.

Once your personal data is with us, we have controls in place to safeguard your information, and we will do our best to protect it. McGee Therapy, including employed or contracted “staff,” who have access to your personal data are made aware of how to keep it confidential, and are kept up to date on our policies and procedures for protecting personal data and information.

When we share your personal data

In limited ways, we share your personal data with other service provider organizations that are not directly linked to us. This is so we may obtain insights and analytics we can use to improve our website. For example, we use Google Analytics to understand how visitors engage with our site. If you don’t want Google Analytics to be used in your browser, you can install the ‘Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-On’ that is available from Google. In addition, we may use error tracking software or services to help us diagnose and fix errors or to optimize the performance of our website.

When we may contact you

You will only be contacted if you have submitted a form or initiated a query with us. In this case, we may contact you to answer your query or to resolve your issue.

Cookies and similar technologies

When you visit our site, we may collect personal data from you automatically using cookies or similar technologies. A cookie is a small file that can be placed on your device that allows us to recognize and remember you. It is sent to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive or tablet or mobile device. When you visit our website, we may collect information from you automatically through cookies or similar technology, such as a tag, pixel, or other web beacon.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to improve your experience on our site by understanding how you use our website. Performance cookies measure how often you visit our site and how you use it.

We also use the information to get a better sense of how our users engage with our website generally so we may understand and improve our website. For example, we collect information about which of our pages are most frequently visited, and by which types of users. We also use third-party cookies to help with performance. For example, the Google Analytics cookie gives us information such as your journey between pages and whether you have downloaded anything.

You may stop your browser from accepting cookies altogether by changing your browser’s cookie settings. Often, you can control cookie usage settings in the menu of your browser under “options” or “preferences.”

Anonymized data

In some cases, we may anonymize your personal data so it is or can no longer be associated with you. We reserve the right to use and retain such anonymous and de-identified data for any period of time and for any legitimate health care or business purpose without providing further notice or seeking further consent.

Contact us about how we use your personal data

If you have questions about how we use your personal data, please contact the Privacy Officer for McGee Therapy, Traci McGee, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by using our secure, online form.

If you have any other questions, please see our Contact page.