Traci is an experienced and highly credentialled counsellor who helps indivdiuals, couples and families move through and overcome some personally import yet challenging issues and circumstances in their lives.

Traci's work experience begins three decades ago as a counsellor and advocate for students in a highschool setting.  This was followed by work in inpatient psychiatry at Jack Ledger House, and then a dozen years as a provincial government clinician on a multidisciplinary mental health team for children and youth in Victoria.  After the birth of her second son, Traci switched to private practice that has remained full for two decades.  

Needless to say, traci has accumulated considerable experience in helping people of all agess and stages in life address the personal and mental health challenges that come up in a variety of contexts.   Issues that clients typically raise with Traci include depression and anxiety, communications and parenting challenges, trauma and abuse, family of origin issues, addictions (including substance and money), stage of life difficulties, gender and power dynamics in relationships, sex issues, sexual orientation, and relationship / growth challenges.

Traci aims to help youth and adults of all ages and stages of life to resolve their issues and achieve their goals. This often involves counseling that builds capacity for stronger connections and intimacy with others. 

In addition to helping people through therapy and counselling, Traci is an Approved Clinical Supervisor providing supervision and consultation to other counsellors and therapists. 


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