Traci protects the privacy of her clients by not providing their identity or personal identifying information to other people or institutions without permission of the client. This privacy policy applies to past and active clients and to people who contact Traci to enquire about her therapy and counselling services.


Traci routinely receives information about clients and potential clients from the clients themselves, from medical practitioners who refer clients to Traci, and from other family members who participate in therapy or counselling sessions. Regardless of the source, Traci holds the information in confidence. This means that she does not dislcose it to others unless the person gives permission.

Limited Legal Exceptions

Despite the policies set out above, circumstances may arise when Traci is compelled by law to disclose the identity and information of a client. This may happen when disclosure of a client's file is ordered by a Court or when Traci has reason to believe that a person is in imminent risk of bringing harm to theirself or another person. This would include circumstances where she is told of, or has reason to believe that a child is being abused.


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