Traci McGee has lived, studied and provided counselling in the Victoria community for more than three decades.  Prior to 1988, Traci was raised in Northern British Columbia and started college in Kelowna. From there, she completed an undgraduate degree at the University of Victoria in child and youth care.   In the early 1990s, she commuted to Seattle to complete her Master's Degree in Applied Behavioural Sciences (Systems Counselling). 

Traci has been married for 25 years.  She has two sons--one in highshool and one in college--with her husband, Michael.  Traci is an avid dog lover and frequently runs with her dog, Olivia, in Mount Doug park.  Olivia loves to greet and relax with clients when given an opportunity.

Traci draws from her life experiences, formal education and decades of counseling experience to help others navigate some of the most difficult and challenging issues to achieve results that may have seemed impossible.


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